Healthy Foods for Growing Up: an initiative by Curry Singh Kitchens, Cuisine Digest magazine for Chefs and Feeding India

Oct 25, 2018

Since its creation by the highly-respected chef Dr. Bill Gallagher, Worldchefs (the apex body of the chefs associations across the globe) has committed to using October 20, 2018 as International Chefs Day – to celebrate the culinary profession, always remembering the vital influence of Chefs as role models.

Its theme this year “Healthy Foods for Growing Up” has drawn chefs from around the globe hosting healthy eating workshops for children in their local communities.

#HealthyFoodsforGrowingUp has been a running theme of outreach initiatives adopted by Curry Singh Kitchens and Cuisine Digest magazine for Chefs in Gurugram, India since September 2018 along with Feeding India, an organisation supporting the cause of #ZeroHunger as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The three players from the food sector have come together to educate underprivileged children on healthy eating through workshops conducted in shelter homes of Gurugram city. The workshop includes a demonstration by Chef Reetika Gill of Curry Singh Kitchens on the value of consuming sustainable, seasonal and local fruits and vegetables, followed by distribution of one such seasonal fruit sourced locally to each young participant. Cuisine Digest magazine for Chefs – a knowledge initiative by IFCA President Chef Manjit Singh Gill (Culinary Director, Cuisine Digest) and WCWB Ambassador Chef Sudhir Sibal (Editor, Cuisine Digest) – has taken the cause of sustainable food to the chef community worldwide.

Ankit Kawatra’s (Forbes Under 30) Feeding India tries to solve the country's hunger problem by providing free meals through volunteers and donation centres. It operates a smartphone app where restaurants and individuals can sign up to donate food, which are then collected and distributed to people in need. The non-profit organization has a network of more than 4,500 volunteers, who run regular feeding programs in more than 45 Indian cities and has served more than 4.8 million meals so far.

In this initiative for healthy foods for growing up, they are supported by leading Chefs of the country.

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