International Chefs Day 2015 - Indonesia

Oct 28, 2015

20th October is International Chefs Day.

Being chef for a day, ACP collaborated with Nestle Indonesia invited 48 students from 3 elementary schools in Jakarta to be part of this annual event.

Held at Trisakti Tourism College on Tuesday 20 October 2015 we asked these students to become an agent of healthy lifestyle to support this year theme of “Healthy Kids, Healthy Life”.

Through this event, ACP Indonesia and Nestle Indonesia hopes to help children in Indonesia to play a role in spreading the message about the importance part of having a healthy eating habit for a healthy future.

We opened the event with a Press Conference by inviting medias and bloggers explaining about the meaning of the event and the rundown of the event. We invited a Nutritionist to presents an interactive class teaching about nutrient and suggested to the parents and teachers to use a fun and interactive approach for introducing a heatlhy eating habit to the children.

Chef Temmy as one of the Instructor from Trisakti Tourism College explaining the important role for being a succesful chef in the Inspiring Class.


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