International Chefs Day is Almost Here!

Jul 17, 2019


Can it be true? Yes, International Chefs Day 2019 is soon to come! It is almost time once again to support the children around the world on this special day. 

On October 20th we invite you to make a difference in your communities by making healthy eating fun and exciting for children.  

This year’s campaign theme is, “How Healthy Food Works!” Once again, made possible by our partner Nestlé Professional.  

How can you participate? It’s so easy!  Since last 2018, Nestlé Professional has prepared and tested recipes to make it easier for you. Just go to and download the recipes, along with the toolkit provided. This will help you to organize and launch your International Chefs Day 2019 Super Workshop, or to make this even more fun for the children, why not call it a party?

With only a few months left, it is time to start thinking of where you will have your International Chefs Day 2019 Party.  For example:

  • Contact a local culinary school kitchen and get their students involved to help you.
  • Reach out to your local public or private schools.  Get the cafeteria supervisor involved and do this together with students.
  • Reach out to your local chef’s association for other suggestions or venues they can give you access to without having to pay rental fees, or for basic utensils and equipment.
  • Or, simply share your knowledge and cook with your children in your very own kitchen and invite their neighborhood friends.

And please keep be sure to read in your toolkit about the Health & Safety considerations.

Who’s got your back? We do! The International Chefs Day Committee Members and the Nestlé Managers are here to help you.

Every year we have more chefs participating, so let’s get bigger and better!  But, if October 20 is too busy for you, then pick another day that week. And who’s to say you can’t do more than 1 workshop/party that week? Why not? I am!  

It’s very humbling to share with children a new fruit or vegetable they have never tried. To see their expression when they try it for the first time or with a combination of flavors!

In 2004, Dr. Bill Gallagher implemented International Chefs Day to celebrate our profession, to share and pass on our knowledge and culinary skills to our children. It’s our legacy to help children get excited about healthy food and our industry.  

I like to say, we are “Preparing Children for a Healthy Life!” Food is something we need every day, so let’s all join together and teach the children, “How Healthy Food Works.”

For questions and support, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Warmest Culinary Regards,

Vanessa Marquis, Chairman                                                                                                        

International Chefs Day Committee

“Preparing Children for a Healthy Life!”

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