International Chefs Day 2016 in Maldives

Nov 09, 2016

The Chefs Guild of the Maldives were very busy for International Chefs Day. They organised three separate events!

1. Together with Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Maldives National University we had the Chefs Guild of Maldives organised an event with 20 children from Autism Society of Maldives for International Chefs Day with the theme “Art on a Plate”

12 Chefs and Instructor chefs from the University participated.

2. On the 29th of October we celebrated in ADDU Atoll which is the most southern Atoll of Maldives. This event saw 200 school children of 10, 11, 12 years of age participating in International Chefs Day “Art on a Plate”. They were instructed by 25 chefs from the Chefs Guild of Maldives who flew in for the event.

3. A culinary challenge was also held in the same Atoll: ADDU Festive Meal Challenge. This event was organized with women's Development Committee of ADDU Atoll. 90 women in 16 groups participated. Five chefs from the Chefs Guild Maldives members were judges.

We'd like to congratulate the national association team and the President of the association, Marie Nordeen, for their hard work!


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