International Chefs Day 2016 in Vanuatu

Oct 20, 2016

Today is International Chefs day and The Vanuatu Chef Association cooked up a storm today at the port villa market house. We will be creating art on a plate from local healthy produce with the assistance of Pikinini!

Today event was a Great Sussex & was great to see all Vanuatu Chef’s & Kids from Schools all over Port Vila In Vanuatu coming down for the Event through Tracey Farnsworth from the Progress Pikinini Foundation.

Today the International Vanuatu Chef’s cooked Market Omelette’s with local organic greens right from the market tables to the plate. Sell them for a fund raising event for the Progress Pikinini foundation which helps family all over the 83 Island in Vanuatu.

Today we cooked over 100 Omelettes razing over 30,000vt It Was a great day to see the youth of tomorrow joining hand with the Vanuatu Chef’s working together in cooking great fresh health food with Origins Gas cook top’s & the best Gas in the Islands to use.

Vanuatu Chef’s also handed over training Recipe card’s & hat’s over to the Progress Pikinini for further development & training for the Children of the future I would like to take this chance to thank all parties involved in this event Chef Friona a long time service Chef & devoted to the Vanuatu chef program Melanesian Hotel for support with all equipment & Staff Origin representative Raymond Singh & Losalini Cakau Rollyne Liu APTC representative & all the wonderful APTC students Holiday inn, Breakas Resort, Melanesian Hotel, Vanuatu Chef’s & most of all the Wonderful Kid’s from all the schools from Port Vila how came down & took part in today event.

Happy Chef Day 2016


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