International Chefs Day came to Tokyo

Oct 11, 2018


All Japan Chefs Association (AJCA) celebrated the International Chefs Day 2018 on 2nd October 2018 with” the theme of Healthy Foods for Growing up” together with 54 sixth grade students of Fujimi Elementary School in Tokyo and 12 chefs of AJCA members including President Toshi and Vice President Kihachi Kumagai.


After the cooking demonstration done by Chef Kumagai, children washed hands first and started to cook 3 dishes which were Cold Japanese Pear Soup, Japanese Traditional Pork Cutlet Sandwich and Smoked Crabmeat and Healthy Vegetables Salad California Style.


Children dressed in chef’s hat and apron, presented by Nesle Professional, were preparing delicious foods under chef’s professional instruction. They were interested in how to use knife safely, to sieve soup properly and so on. Chefs were happy to see that they worked hard, actively and eagerly more than they expected.


Dishes were completed on schedule, then they enjoyed their foods at the table covered with white table cloth in good eating manner together with chefs.


It was a very exciting and fun for not only children but also for chefs.

AJCA hopes to continue to hold such a precious workshop for more children as a vital activity.

To host a Healthy Food for Growing Up workshop on or around October 20, 2018, please contact Joanna Ochniak, Chairman, International Chefs Day Committee at

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