International Chefs Day 2015 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Nov 02, 2015

The Slovak Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs, in cooperation with our general partner METRO Cash & Carry Ltd Slovakia, celebrated the International Chefs’ day with children in a primary school in Bratislava.

We spoke about how important it is to board in a healthy way. How important for the health is the consumption of fruit and vegetables as the source of vitamins. We chose AVOCADO for this occasion.

Together with children, the chefs prepared a “little treat” consisting of the avocado spread and mixed fruit and vegetable salad. The recipes were composed in a way to be manageable by children with only little help of the adults.

At the end of this meeting the chefs presented to children the recipes of both dishes they prepared along with the information on the positive impact of avocado on the human health.

In addition to this, the company METRO presented them the avocado, so that they could show their cleverness to their parents at home. In return, children presented to the chefs their pictures they prepared during the meeting.

Of course, the chefs were the main “heroes” of these pictures. It was a very pleasant meeting that led to the promise by the chefs that they would keep visiting children on a regular basis. We will be happy to make this promise become true.


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