Papua New Guinea celebrates its first International Chefs Day

Oct 26, 2018

The 19th of October 2018 marked as special day for the association here in PNG. Being associated with WACS, has helped us to celebrate the first ever international chefs day here. Thanks to the trust of many local business and of course nestle we where able to host such an amazing event. We as the association have geared up with the Caritas leaning center in port moresby to make a change. The learning center is located near a settlement in east boroko, an area where children are in need of help. The association decided it was our duty of care to celebrate chefs day with them. It was a very emotional event for both parties and it was most and foremost fun. We educated kids on healthy eating engaging aspen medical centre and a medical doctor helped the association of doing that. We are all very proud that such an amazing event could be made possible.

It is a great beginning of an amazing journey of the Papua New Guinea Association of chefs.

Em tasol

Mike Scheumann
Executive Chef

Holiday Inn & Suites and Holiday Inn Express
Port Moresby
Cnr Waigani Dr & Wards Rd
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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